May 17, 2022 4 min read

When it comes to your outdoor space, making a zone that produces you appreciate being exterior is now and then simpler said than done. But there's one straightforward expansion that can change your patio into an inviting space. A fire pit.  

Fire pits are the ideal outdoor accessory for creating that warmth over the cooler months, a gathering spot for the family to toast marshmallows or for just watching the flames dance on a date night.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative fire pit to heat up your outdoor space or a portable fire pit, there are plenty of options out there. The most common types of fire pits include:

  • Conventional fire pits which are your classic shaped fire pit.
  • Designer fire pits that add an artistic element and a unique shape cut from Corten A steel.
  • Chimineas which assist in directing the smoke out with a chimney attached to an enclosed fire pit.
  • Brazier which is a container used more for cooking with charcoal or other fuel related products.

There is a great range of incredible fire pit designs out there, each catering to different tastes, preferences and outdoor spaces. Most of the top-rated fire pits come with built-in features which boost safety and function as well as some more affordable options that will make your dreamy backyard update a reality.

Here is a list of our top 5 favourite fire pits that will make any garden shine.


The conventional Vulcan fire pit is one of our top picks for a romantic Summers night. It’s distinguished with its unique shape, highly durable build which is made to last and size.

Made using Corten A, a weather-resistant steel, this fire pit isn't only low maintenance but also provides a pleasing and consistent finish.

Vulcan Firepit

One of the key benefits of the Vulcan is its ease to preserve, making it perfect for busy individuals. The natural colour makes this fire pit incredible for any stylistic layout and is ideal for small or expansive outdoor areas and the steady base permits this fire pit to be sturdy, and at 800 mm wide, it’s quite large so it’s perfect for a group of guests.

Vulcan is designed to be used for a long period of time and has a stable base.
Priced at $300, this pit has performance, ease of use and superior style that make it worth the investment.


Brando is a unique, conventional fire pit that is designed to spread heat evenly. It’s a very versatile fire pit that is easy to move around as it’s portable and the base is easy to fix. A sturdy yet stylish fire pit that can help bring any back garden to life in a flash. The key features include being easy to maintain and high heat resistance meaning it's perfect for those with big families or who live busy lifestyles and need something low maintenance.

Brando Firepits

Functional and fit for the patio, Brando can transform any outdoor space. The ideal option for a larger back garden due to its size.

Aaghnya 1000

This conventional fire pit is not only a great accessory for your backyard, it is constructed to spread warmth evenly.

Aaghnya is an excellent option for any home, especially those with a larger family due to its size. This fire pit is also lightweight and stands at 38cm high with a decent-sized base that holds the fire pit firmly in place. This fire pit is heat resistant and will include warmth to those long evenings of engaging, without any issues.

Aaghnya 100 Firepit

The Roos

A designer fire pit like no other. With its traditionally Aussie design, The Roos adds that little extra ‘wow’ factor to your outside area. An Australian inspired beautifully crafted globe fire pit is guaranteed to add ambience to the gatherings with its stunning appearance at night. This model comes with an easy to assemble base which will hold the fire pit firmly to the ground and is constructed using weather-resistant Corten A steel.

The Roos Firepits

Besides being aesthetically pleasing for your garden or patio, The Roos fire pit has numerous benefits including being easy to maintain and low maintenance, which is great for those on the go. Fire pits can make your gathering space at home multi-season, so even when the wind gets cooler, they can be used to keep you and your guests warm at night.


This portable fire pit is exactly what you need in your home. Cinderella is a standalone fire pit that can be kept in any outdoor surroundings and is an essential element for any backyard. Measuring at 30cms and with a diameter of 75cms, it's a great size for any backyard.

Features of this beautiful fire pit include a black finish, firm design and easy to move around.

Cinderella Firepit

Naked Flames provides customers with high-quality fire pits, chimineas and braziers that come in different shapes, designs and sizes. To view our fantastic range, have a look at our online store or visit us at our Melbourne showroom. We know you’ll find the perfect fire pit that suits your space and that it will make a great addition to your outdoor decor at home.