July 21, 2021 4 min read

Over the past year or longer, have you spent the majority of your days at home? Almost everyone has done that, for sure. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody if you, in fact, started thinking of ways that you could revamp parts of the house. And if nowadays you’re also planning for changes to your backyard with some outdoor decor, keep on reading.

In this article, we are naming ten outdoor decor pieces that we believe are worth considering if you aim to spruce up your space outside the house. Some items might seem so simple and yet, they’re really valuable. Altogether, these items will make a big difference in terms of making the entire area look even more inviting to your guests in upcoming gatherings.

Wall Hanging

Think of the front porch of your home. What would be a better accessory used for welcoming people, as they’re about to walk through the door, than a sign saying "Welcome!" that’s hung on the wall? It’s something that’s easy to customise and personalise, so don’t be afraid to be a little creative when it comes to this outdoor decor item.

Stone Coordinates

In case you might not have known this, yes – your own house has its own coordinates that are recognised on satellite maps, and you’d be able to plug them in on Google and see them match your home address. So indeed, take ownership of these coordinates by setting them in stone. In this case, this means having them displayed on a decorative stone which you can place in the garden.

Unique Garden Sign

Of course, you would want to keep your garden clean, trimmed and inviting every time you have guests over. But why not add an extra touch of personality to the whole setup by including a custom garden sign? You can choose a quote that’s meaningful to you or maybe a phrase from your favourite movie or television show. Just try to make it representative of you in a positive way, and ensure it adds to the good vibes when your guests gather in the garden.

Foldable Wooden Chairs

These ones, provided they are chosen carefully, can serve as both functional seating areas and visually appealing forms of outdoor decor. Visitors to your home may appreciate the type of wooden chair which reclines in a similar manner to those poolside chairs at many resorts. They will be able to relax while sitting on those, as they sip on a cocktail or glass of wine and exchange stories about life over the past few weeks.

Large Foldable Umbrella

During the summer months, you will especially find this outdoor decor item pretty handy. It will make those weekend brunches or afternoon barbeque gatherings before an upcoming game of footy even more convenient, considering how bright and hot it can be when you’re directly exposed to the sun during summer. As for what colour works best? Consider having it match your surroundings, like notable flowers you have in the garden or the existing table in your backyard.

Animal Statues

There’s something about well-sculpted statues that makes them some of the most striking outdoor decor pieces. They really draw people’s attention when they encounter them for the first time, don’t they? They have a similar kind of power to paintings. And therefore, we would say that getting a few small statues of animals will help enhance the ‘nature’ aesthetic of your garden and backyard.

Tree Stump Garden Stool

Why this outdoor decor? By getting a reclaimed stump (or multiple ones) that functions as a stool, you’ll have additional items for your outdoor space that will naturally blend right in with all the surrounding elements. And later in the evening, should you decide to start a fire using your fire pit, some of your guests might enjoy sitting on these stools while they stay close to the fire in order to keep warm.

Metal Trellis

A classic trellis made out of metal (iron) makes the perfect outdoor decor piece over which you can have vines grow. Not only will it really make your backyard pop when the vines get larger and cover up the trellis, but the trellis itself adds a nice, rustic feel to your entire outdoor space. You can even have the trellis setup at the front part of the backyard and use it to display your unique garden sign.



Just like we have chimneys built to keep our houses nice and warm during the winter, there are chimineas to serve the same purpose for our backyards. Additionally, what makes a chiminea worth buying is its metallic, tower-like structure, which would certainly help add to the rustic appearance of your outdoor space overall. Read this article on how a chiminea works, and it’s worth noting that most are able to reach full burn capacity around 15 minutes after igniting.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pit

Last on our list of best outdoor decor pieces would be, of course, the outdoor fire pit. When people hear about fire pits, many think of the kind that’s made during camping trips, with everybody gathering stones to form a ring around the spot where a fire gets lighted. However, the ones we offer at Naked Flames arewood or charcoal powered fire pits, made of weather resistant steel. 

We like the fact that these fire pits are more environmentally friendly – due to their metal vessels that collect the ashes, the fires started are less prone to damaging the ground underneath. And also, we offer a wide range of conventional anddesigner fire pits, which means there’s something that’s suitable for everyone. 

Naked Flames provides customers with high quality fire pits, chimineas and braziers that come in various sizes and shapes.View the entire Naked Flames collection and you may just come across a product or two that will make great additions to your outdoor decor at home.