June 14, 2021 4 min read

Like the majority of people around the world, we have been spending far more time at home these days. That being said, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t do certain things to change up your home living experience, especially if you’ve got space right outside the house. But with the winter season starting in Australia, there’s also no better time than now to get an outdoor fire pit for your patio or backyard.

That fire pit will come in handy on those days when it’s a tad too cold but still a beautiful time to be out. And if you’re wondering about what to do outside with your family and guests you’ve invited over, here’s a list of activities you can do.

Relax To Good Music While Next To Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Maybe you’ve had a really long week at work, and during the weekend you just feel like chilling out. Do you have to go far to do that? Definitely not. Your outdoor space should suffice, and when it’s a nice cool day with clear skies, the conditions are perfect for starting your fire pit. Then as you get warm, soak up the fresh air and hit the pause on all thoughts about work and other matters, what else could be missing? Some easy listening music, of course. So bring out your speakers and enjoy a well-earned, relaxing couple of hours. As far as the genre for this, jazz might be worth exploring.

outdoor fire pit enjoy meal

Enjoy A Nice Homemade Meal Next To The Outdoor Fire Pit

Yes, this can be done in the dining room or your kitchen. But how many out of the 21 meals or so in a given week do you already have in those areas? Try to mix it up and experience an alternative form of ‘outdoor dining’ from the comfort of your home. Who knows when the next lockdown comes and stay-at-home orders return? If it does happen, at least by having some meals right outside you’re less likely to feel cooped up in the house.

Talk, Catch Up & Share Stories

Here’s the thing. It’s pretty much common knowledge during these times that outdoor events, compared to indoor ones, are low-risk when it comes to transmissions of disease. So even when we are officially allowed a number of guests, you’d still want to take advantage of your backyard or patio for those much needed catch-ups with mates. Be as chatty as you want – hopefully no one who shows up feels unwell or unknowingly has it – but gathering outdoors is ultimately safer.

outdoor fire pit talk catch up

Try New Wine

Now for another interesting activity worth doing with your mates. We may not yet be able to pay a visit to the far-flung vineyards of France or Italy, but there’s still a lot of different, locally made wine to taste and have others try. You can even turn the gathering into a “bring the best new wine” contest to spruce things up. Just remember to drink responsibly, ensuring nobody who’s supposed to be driving back has had too much to drink.

Have A Jam Session By The Outdoor Fire Pit

How good are your skills with the guitar? Or perhaps one or a few of your buddies have their own and are up for playing? Try inviting them for a jam session in front of your outdoor fire pit, which you may realise will feel like a throwback to the good ol’ days you went camping. Instead of a campfire though, you have the firepit as the centrepiece.

Play Card Games

This one is up to you. Not everyone has to be comfortable with gambling or willing to take part in it, but otherwise, poker is a good choice for a card game outdoors. If you guys prefer to play something that doesn’t involve money, no worries at all. There are plenty of fun card games that require strategy and some bluffing or bullsh*tting as well.

Play Trivia Games On Your Phones

That’s right. The age of smartphone technology has gifted us with a variety of creative, addictive apps – including apps that allow several people who know each other to join a private, virtual ‘game room’. Hence, this is another viable option if your outdoor area doesn’t have a large table to place a lot of stuff. In terms of trivia app recommendations, Kahoot! tops the list.

outdoor fire pit watch sunset

View The Sunset Or Full Moon

Some days, if you’re lucky, end up being the perfect opportunity to admire the sky above us – and there really is no need to do something else. Provided that your outdoor firepit is functioning as it’s supposed to, then nothing should stop you and your guests from staying outside and watching a nice red-orange sunset, or the moon in the midst of a cloudless night sky. In those moments, you may even want to take a group photo so also remember to have your camera ready.

Play Some Table Tennis

If you’re one of those who owns a table tennis set, good for you. With an outdoor firepit set up on your backyard or patio, there might be an opportunity to bring out the set and have a friendly competition with your mates. But ideally, you’d want to put some distance between the set and your fire pit to avoid, well, the ball landing in the pit.

Watch A Movie

With your fire pit set up and the temperature ideal for people gathering outside, you can give your living room a break for the evening. If everybody is settled nicely and up for a movie night, then all you would need is a projector and portable projector screen so all your guests get a nice view. If you don’t have these, however, then plan to ask a friend to bring theirs beforehand.

These are only some of the many things you can enjoy doing outside the house, with an outdoor fire pit set up. At Naked Flames, we offer conventional and designer fire pits coming in various types and styles, as well as quality braziers and chimineas. Click here to view the Naked Flames collection, and you might come across a product that will help you with hosting your next house gathering.