First, measure the length and width of the place where you plan to keepthe firepit.

Then refer nakedflames.com and see the diameter of the chosen model

Ensure that the chosen firepit will fit in the place.

Thelifespan depends on the several factors like where you are keeping thefirepits, how often do you use etc. Still, on an average, all our models arebuilt to last for 5 to 10 years.

Itsis recommended to stay atleast 1.5m away from the firepit or further based onthe wind conditions.

Most of our models are maintenance free and you can leave it outdoors.  Still it will be a good practice to cover the firepit when not in use to extend the life.

Yes its perfectly normal for the Corten firepit to have gradual change in the color of the protective rust from brown to astable dark brown.

Yeswe deliver the firepits to home address. Please ensure to provide correctaddress and contact number.

Ensure that the fire pit is in a well-ventilated area.

Remove any flammable items in the immediate vicinity to avoid an unintended fire.

Ensure to follow local regulation and it is recommended to keep fire extinguisher handy / water hose to handle any situation.